The Visit

Consultation appointment:

At your first appointment, a specialist doctor will take your medical history, examine your oral cavity and stomatognathic system and perform radiological diagnostics: X-ray or CT, if necessary. The patient then gets a diagnosis with a detailed plan of treatment tailored to his or her expectations, needs and capacity.

Follow-up visit:

After the treatment is completed, we meet with the Patient for a free follow-up visit at our clinic every 6 months. We perform a review of the oral cavity and, if necessary, we invite the patient for a hygienisation procedure.


We provide a warranty for all medical procedures performed at our Clinic.

Conservative dentistry and prosthetics: one year warranty.

Implants: lifetime warranty. Only selected implantologists are granted the privilege of offering a lifetime warranty by implant manufacturer, in recognition of their knowledge and therapeutic results. Our implantologist has had that privilege for many years.

Warranty terms:

If a tooth needs to be canal-treated up to one month after filling, the patient only pays the costs of root canal treatment.

The following are not covered by the warranty: